Partisans song

My friend, do you hear the dark flight of the crows on the plains?
My friend, do you hear the choked cries of the country put in chains?
Ohé! Partisans, Workers and Farmers, the alarm bell rings
This evening, the Enemy will learn the price of blood, and the one of tears

Come out from the mines, come down from the hills, comrades!
Take the rifles hidden in the straw, the ammo, the grenades
Ohé, Hit-men, using bullets and knifes, kill quickly
Ohé, Saboteur, be careful with your burden, dynamite

We are the ones who destroy the jail bars for our brothers behind them
With Hatred following us, with Hunger pushing us, living in misery
There are countries where people dream in their beds
Here, you know, we are walking and we are killing, we are dying

Here, everyone knows what they want, and what they do when they're with us
My friend, if you fall, another friend will come from the shadow to take your place.
Tomorrow, black blood will dry on our roads under a shining sun
Let's sing, companions, Freedom listens to us in the night

Many thanks to Chris Richardson for his precious help with the translation

For our blind friend, and for the ones who aren't our friend, let's be nice, an audio version (MP3 - 436 KB), a capella. Sometimes, it would be better to be deaf :)

Ok, now there's another version (MP3 - 562 KB), song by a real professional of this period, Germaine Sablon.



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